Smart Automation

Imagine if your business could evolve automatically
- with learning processes that help it adapt to change.

Process automation

Optimization through intelligent systems for innovative corporate management

Help your team grow faster and focus on what matters most by integrating your applications and automating your business processes and workflows. By streamlining processes with intelligent systems, you'll reduce errors, save time, and free up space for high-quality tasks.


Digital Process Automation

The automated execution of digitized business processes or tasks.

Automate missing interfaces between legacy systems

DPA enables companies to run their business processes automatically, which helps increase the speed and accuracy of work.

Implementation of applications and workflows

Workflows are processes that are executed automatically instead of being controlled manually by a person. They involve a sequence of steps that must be executed in a specific order to achieve a specific result.

Robotic Process Automation

Complete process automation or robotization of processes through software.

To have parts or entire processes executed by software

Sensitive data is processed without the need for human intervention. This significantly reduces the risk of data loss or misuse due to human error.

Individual, autonomous robots

RPA robots can perform individual, time-consuming, and repetitive tasks faster and more accurately, increasing the speed and accuracy of work.

Intelligent Process Automation

The application of Artificial Intelligence and related technologies such as Computer Vision, Cognitive Automation and Deep Learning to Robotic Process Automation.

Use of AI and ML technologies

By using AI and ML technologies, IPA can execute processes even more accurately and error-free than traditional DPA systems.

Automate processes with unstructured content (text, images, etc.)

IPA systems can automate more processes than traditional DPA systems because they are able to perform more complex tasks and adapt themselves.
Automation in everyday office life

Use cases and examples from practice

Say goodbye to tedious manual tasks and reduce the time spent on administrative work.
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Warehouse management

Automation of warehouse management can be achieved by using warehouse management systems. Here, activities such as the management of inventories, the recording of stock movements and the creation of stock reports can be automated.

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Customer support

Chatbots can be used to automate customer support processes. This enables customer queries to be answered automatically, which reduces waiting times for customers and increases the efficiency of support.

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An automated system can sort and filter e-mails according to specific criteria, such as sender, recipient, subject or keywords. This significantly speeds up the processing of e-mails and increases productivity.

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Purchasing processes

The use of e-procurement systems can automate procurement processes. They can automate activities such as ordering, supplier management and payment processing.

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Appointment management

An automated system can automatically record and manage appointments, e.g. by integrating calendars or using web forms. This makes it easy to plan meetings and events and saves time during organization.

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HR administration

Automation of personnel administration can be achieved by using HR software. Here, activities such as the recording of applications, the management of employee data and the creation of duty rosters can be automated.

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Contract management

In an automated system, contracts are automatically created, approved and monitored based on rules and workflows.

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By using AI models, answers to frequently asked questions can be generated automatically, increasing response times and efficiency in customer service.

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Project management

An automated system can automatically assign, track and complete tasks based on rules and workflows.

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Time tracking

Based on rules and workflows, an automated system can automatically record and approve working time.

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Social Media-Management

An automated system can publish and manage social media posts automatically, for example, by using social media management tools or creating schedules for content. This enables more efficient use of social media and saves time in managing social media channels.

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Task automation

Tasks can be automatically assigned to specific employees based on certain criteria such as
criteria such as department, skills or availability.

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Travel expense reports

Based on rules and policies, an automated system can automatically review and approve travel expense reports.

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Automation of invoice processing can be achieved by using optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Here, invoices are automatically captured, read and converted into a digital format. This enables faster and more efficient processing of invoices, as manual input and verification are no longer required.

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Automation steps

How we proceed

An approach for sustainable implementation.


- Business process analysis
- Visualized long-term automation vision
- Selection of automation software

To be successful in the long term, it is important to integrate process automation into your business strategy. A clear vision, supported by concrete goals and metrics, promotes automation success. We help you get an overview of this innovative area to identify the right methods and tools for your business.


- Creation of complete documentation of the planned automation
- Framework & stakeholder management for effective control


- In-house Empowerment - Tailored Automation Training Program
- Process modeling and optimization


Implementation of the chosen technology


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