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Digital Process Automation

DPA improves business processes by introducing automated applications and workflows that replace manual processes. DPA solutions offer a modern way to revolutionize customer service: streamline mundane tasks, automate the customer's journey through the sales process, and continue to rely on people for face-to-face interactions. It's an efficient balance of automation technology and human labor that gives you the best of both worlds.

Application areas

DPA has quickly caught on when it comes to automating common tasks, such as customer onboarding, purchase orders, credit approvals, and more.

For the application of DPA, the process to be automated should be, for example:

· Be differentiating
· Be cross-application
· Subject to high dynamics of change
· Require the inclusion of human interaction
· Be supported by API's
· Be supported by digital data
· Have sufficient process and digitization skills available
The process

Our services for DPA


We'll discuss your vision and strategy for automation and present you with the options that DPA and other technologies offer in your organization.


Together with you, we build the foundations for a long-term successful automation system in your company, including the software, the processes and structures that have been prioritized.


We train you and your employees and equip them with the skills to successfully integrate and expand the various automation technologies in the long term.


We design, develop and implement DPA solutions according to your business processes and requirements in a sustainable manner and guarantee success.

Your benefits

Save time and focus on important tasks

Automatisierung beschleunigt Aufgaben und befreit Mitarbeiter von manuellen und wiederkehrenden Arbeiten, damit sie sich auf andere Geschäftsperspektiven konzentrieren können. Aktualisierte Workflow-Informationen verhindern Zeitverlust bei der Überprüfung und Suche nach verlorenen Dokumenten. Digitale Prozesse ermöglichen es Unternehmen, schnell Ziele zu ändern und verbessern die Kundenerfahrung durch mehr Zeit für Verbesserungen.

Increase in efficiency

By automating manual, repetitive tasks, companies can save time and resources. Employees can instead focus on more demanding tasks that require their skills, increasing overall efficiency.

More scalability

Because automated processes are easily replicable, companies can scale quickly and easily as their needs change. This also makes it easier to keep up with the changing needs of the market.

Improved data quality

By automating data entry and verification tasks, companies can ensure that their data is accurate and consistent. This, in turn, can help them make better business decisions because the data on which they are based is more reliable.

Higher speed

Automation allows processes to be completed much faster than manual work. This enables companies to react more quickly to changes in the environment and gain competitive advantages.

Improved Accuracy

Using DPA can reduce errors and inaccuracies because automation reduces the need for human intervention. This means that tasks are performed more effectively, which in turn increases customer satisfaction.
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