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Intelligent Process Automation

Intelligent process automation takes the guesswork out of automation for businesses by leveraging powerful AI and related technologies such as computer vision, cognitive automation, and machine learning. It simplifies digital processes that contain unstructured content such as text or images - even without extensive training datasets, which are scarce at most companies today.

Functions and application areas

Intelligent automation learns independently using AI.

Administrative work requires a high level of attention to detail. The multitude of tasks involved consists of creating and sending correspondence, updating system information multiple times, analyzing benefits, and reviewing requests for commission approval. All of these activities can be supported or taken over by IPA, helping to ensure consistent and accurate processes through proper organization and tracking. In this way, misunderstandings and errors are avoided at many levels.
Cost-benefit analysis
Constant updates of system data
Automated, emotionally engaging customer service
Creation and dispatch of correspondence, interpretation of text-intensive communication
Application reviews

Make, automate and support decisions with the right data.

Automation can revolutionize policy maintenance, customer data modification, and enable faster decision making. Complex analytics rules enable accurate processing of jet underwriting renewals, payment approvals, new business opportunities and changes. In addition, small transactions are becoming more important thanks to the ability of automation technology to process them efficiently.
Fully automated management and customization of customer data according to defined guidelines
Automated data entry using rule-based analysis to simplify automated decision making (e.g., payment approvals, new business and changes, accounts receivable entry, suspicious activity detection)
Automation of more small transactions with smaller impacts that gradually add up

Mitarbeiter entlasten und Raum für Innovation lassen.

Die Automatisierung macht die Datenverwaltung einfacher und effizienter als je zuvor. Von der schnellen Erfassung von Informationen bis hin zu ihrer sicheren Übertragung kann die Automatisierung auch potenzielle Probleme in neuen Anwendungen oder Diensten durch "Not-In-Good-Order"-Prüfungen aufdecken und so für zusätzliche Sicherheit sorgen.
Automatisierung der Datensammlung, -zusammenführung und -zusammenfassung aus verschiedenen Quellen
Automatisierung der Datenübernahme
Automatisierung von “ Not-In-Good-Order“-Prüfungen für neue Anträge oder Leistungen
Accounting and preparation of tax returns
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Capability examples:
- Automation of report generation
- Automation of document review
- Implementation of rules and business logic
- Automation of routine tasks such as data entry and processing
- Processing large amounts of data in a short period of time
- Intelligent data analysis through machine learning and AI tools
- More efficient use of employee resources
- Better use of existing resources by saving time on routine tasks
- Increased data quality and accuracy through automated processes
- Increased productivity through rapid processing of large volumes of data
- Improved compliance through standardized, automated processes
Decision-making processes
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Most of the time, decisions are not made automatically. Instead, employees must use the digital data to make decisions. The use of an IPA can fundamentally optimize this processing. The required data is often unstructured, so that an IPA would already fail here. However, an IPA could first structure this data and then process it automatically.
Examples of skills:
- Data extraction and analysis from various sources.
- Automated report generation and analysis
- Real-time monitoring of data and events
- Prediction and simulation of scenarios
- Integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning
· Improved decision-making through faster and more accurate information
· Reduced errors and risks by automating manual tasks
· Increased efficiency and productivity by automating workflows
· Cost savings by reducing labor time and effort
· Better responsiveness to market changes and customer needs
Customer support
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An IPA can also offer a decisive advantage in direct customer contact, because the AI behind it enables it to make concrete decisions. For example, a customer can request certain documents via chat. The IPA recognizes the required samples and initiates the corresponding processing. If the IPA fails in processing, the customer contact can be forwarded to a trained employee.
Capability examples:
- Integrating customer applications with traditional RPA and machine learning-based solutions for classification and extraction of information.
- Using natural language processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis to create tickets and identify customer buying behavior
- Automating front-office-back-office integration to reduce email request processing time by 90%.
· Improvement of the customer experience by processing requests faster
· Considering the different requirements of boomers and tech-savvy millennials
· Human element to support the complex requests and the possibility for machine learning to continuously learn to reduce exceptions in the future
· Customization to changing customer needs and the use of digital platforms
Recruitment Process
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Capability examples:
· Using email automation, machine learning-based OCR and RPA solutions to automate the contract management workflow · Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to process the contract content and integrating with RPA solutions
‍- Radical transformation of the contract management process.
- Reduce average handling time (AHT) by 60% and create contracts in less than 30 minutes
- Capture data from multiple formats of structured and unstructured contracts and create relevant details for same-day contract closings
Warranty claims
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Skill examples:
· Use NLP, image analysis, machine learning, and robotic process automation tools to automate warranty claims
· Use AI/ML engines to review customer complaints, repair comments, contract terms, and vehicle images to determine extent of damage
· End-to-end automation of insurance and warranty claims
· Improve throughput in claims processing by processing up to 95% of volumes through the ML engine
· Ability to route contextually to a human agent
The process

Our services for IPA


We'll discuss your vision and strategy for automation and present you with the options that IPA and other technologies offer in your organization.


Together with you, we build the foundations for a long-term successful automation system in your company, including the software, the processes and structures that have been prioritized.


We train you and your employees and equip them with the skills to successfully integrate and expand the various automation technologies in the long term.


We design, develop and implement IPA solutions according to your business processes and requirements in a sustainable manner and guarantee success.

Your benefits

IPA-the intelligent support for office employees

Intelligent process automation (IPA) brings together robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning to enable comprehensive digital transformation in enterprise information and content management.

Monitoring and verification

IPA provides a monitoring capability that allows processes and results to be reviewed to ensure everything is working as planned.

Relief of the back office

Automating processes can be a huge relief for employees, freeing them from tedious tasks and giving them access to the consistent, high-quality data they need to do their jobs.

Optimize decision-making process

Unlock new insights from your data with IPA! With this technology, massive amounts of raw data can be quickly organized and meaningful information extracted, allowing you to easily spot trends and make informed decisions.

Increase in efficiency

IPA is the perfect solution to streamline processes and make them more efficient. With its ability to eliminate superfluous steps while increasing speed, it can be a huge asset to get better performance results with less effort!


With IPA technology, businesses can maintain smooth and efficient operations without having to worry about manual intervention every time an adjustment needs to be made. This allows teams of any size to seamlessly scale their processes with minimal effort.


IPA enables seamless collaboration between robots, humans and systems that can also handle more complex tasks.

24/7 availability

IPA makes it possible to remain accessible and actionable around the clock, thus enabling companies to increase their service levels.

Cost cutting

Reduce personnel costs, replace missing specialists by adopting automated processes.

Reduction of sources of error

Pre-defined rules and procedures mean that processes are not susceptible to human error, which helps to reduce the number of errors and thus increase process quality.
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