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Acquire licenses via the Atthene NFTs and be part of ATTHENE right from the start.
Save big on all apps for the first two years.

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You can't fool an NFT

ATTHENE license in NFTs

The NFTs serve as a discounted, digital voucher for functions and services in your business decision assistant. Each of the NFTs is associated with a license on the blockchain - so as long as one is in your wallet you can access all of the current features. Whether it's version 0.2 or 3.0, Atthene is constantly learning and can do more and more.

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Be flexible.

Activate anytime

Keep your ATTHENE license and activate it once you are satisfied with Atthene's functionality.

ATTHENE brings enormous added value even in early versions and can be used right from the start.

Beneficial price.

Early bird license and participation guarantee

Start working intelligent with ATTHENE. Influence the end product through voluntary feature votes and bring in your own automation wishes.

State-of-the-art security.

Highest security standard

Being decentralized gives blockchain a  line of defense. Once written, the blockchain is unforgeable.

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Atthene NFTs

NFTs as a gateway to ATTHENE

NFTs are digital proofs of ownership for intangible goods. These assets are unique tokens. Blockchain technology makes it possible to uniquely prove and transfer ownership of these tokens.

Your Benefits

> Activation whenever you want
> Early bird license price
> Influence the end product and make it work for you
> Highest security standard

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Your data is safe

Privacy is part of our DNA. We are always careful to work in accordance with the GDPR, your data stays on European servers and your privacy is protected.


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If you're just looking for self-learning business assistance but don't want anything to do with NFTs, you can also buy a software license the traditional way.

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