Plan, schedule and prioritize tasks
and projects

The version can be used for up to 3 users!


Tasks and projects

It is important to identify and plan the individual goals of a project. Once the goals have been established, you can break down the tasks that need to be done to achieve those goals into smaller, actionable pieces. This makes it easier for everyone involved in the project to stay focused and on track. We do not provide a simple to-do list. Once tasks are entered, they are sorted into the Eisenhower Matrix and automatically displayed by priority.


Synchronize your calendar

Simply synchronize your Microsoft calendar with Atthene and keep track of appointments and deadlines without having to enter them separately.

Aufgaben erfassen oder gleich planen?

Eisenhower Matrix

While the Eisenhower Matrix is primarily a prioritization tool, it offers similar benefits for figuring out how individuals or teams should spend their time wisely. The best part is that we automatically sort your tasks into the matrix once the tasks are entered into the tool.

Record your time Eu-compliant

Simple time tracking

Fed up with time-consuming manual time tracking? Record and track working hours digitally, flexibly and efficiently - Easy time tracking via web app anytime, anywhere. Two time tracking methods are included: One time tracking by task and one time tracking for the whole day by attendance. The methods can also be used simultaneously!


Time tracking through attendance


Time tracking through tasks


Capture breaks


Automatic generation of timesheets


Updating working hours in real time