Your Privacy is important to us!

As a start-up from Germany, it is very important to us that your data only concerns you and those to whom you want to make it available. Therefore we have built several mechanisms into our algorithms to protect your private data. Supervisors only see what is absolutely necessary here. You, on the other hand, can easily view and change your settings. That's why we at arttac solutions have set up a separate area that is all about your personal privacy. You can see immediately what can be seen of you and what stays in your hand.

Your data stays in secure!

In a continuously changing world you need partners you can trust. We know that there are problems with data storage in different countries. Therefore we are just cooperating with the few companies which have the highest certification level and are rated with highest trust from european governments. Also we trust in the certificates our partners provide to give all company data secured backgorunds. Hence our partners use certificates with standard ISO 27001.The companies are signed with ISO 27001 they use the globally recognized standard for assessing the security of information and IT environments. It describes the requirements of implementation as well as the documentation of an ISMS. Security risks can be minimized and IT security procedures can be established that contribute to the long-term optimization of the quality of your system. All companies are checked every year.

Your Privacy lays in your hands

Because we know that our systems have a deep insight into the daily worklife we protect all data with a double check mechanism: First everyone can decide easily what he wants to show or not . Atthene and the other assistants presort and filter some tasks so that they are only shown anonymized. Data protection is one of our most important tasks on daily routines. This is why arttac solutions uses security systems which are normaly used by banks and insurances. It is very important for us that you can work without the problems any data would bring you!

Task list

Abuse Protection

To prevent any fraud on your account or data, we only use encrypted communication between the systems. This is why it is not possible for us to see your data, even if our algorithms are working with this data to get more knowledge and can help to improve your daily business in the company. In addition, Atthene is designed to categorically prevent the misuse of data and to protect potential victims with warning mechanisms.

Encryption and Pseudonymization

We use the current standard and encrypt your data according to German data protection standards. Atthene adn the other assistants automatically take care of the anonymization and thus also the pseudonymization of your data. All data used by ARTTAC SOLUTIONS does not contain any information about persons, projects, tasks or other substantive business details. In addition, the data carriers are given random numbers, so that no traceability through meta-data clustering is possible.