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Robotic Process Automation

Companies are harnessing the power of RPA to automate processes quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables companies to benefit from customized digital workers that can accurately replicate human actions within a given task or process. From automating mundane tasks in finance and accounting departments, to customer service teams, to entire value streams - no job is too small for an automated robot!

Functions and application areas

A good future is built on automation.

Front-office robots are an invaluable aid to employees, assisting them in their daily work and taking over certain process tasks. Activated by the employee or by pre-programmed triggers - such as emails - these state-of-the-art bots help reduce employee workload while increasing productivity!
Rule-based and frequently running processes that previously had to be processed mainly manually by employees
Relieving employees of monotonous work and thereby enabling an increased focus on more value-adding tasks
Ensuring consistent and virtually error-free machining operations

Creating an environment where people enjoy working.

Back-office robots are a powerful resource for enterprises because they run on existing enterprise servers and virtually run in the background. With no additional hardware or manual monitoring, these bots can complete tedious tasks that would otherwise require constant human supervision, freeing up valuable time for higher priority projects.
Data-intensive processes
The implementation in favor of significantly accelerated turnaround times of processes

Support and encourage employees.

Robotic Process Automation Orchestration is a powerful tool that enables efficient management of robots. This browser or cloud-based system eliminates the need for dedicated hardware, making it a cost-effective, scalable solution. Users maintain control of processes and deployed robots at all times, easily gaining insight into progress through generated reports. RPA orchestration offers invaluable help to companies of all sizes in areas such as automation, robotics and process control. As the technology continues to evolve, this truly innovative system is set to revolutionize the industry.
Constant control of the robot
Follow and control processes
Generate evaluations
Human Resources
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Examples of capabilities of bots:
- Managing and displaying absenteeism
- Merging of time records
- Transferring employee information during onboarding & offboarding
- Compliance and posting of travel expenses
- Automated report generation and overviews
- Higher speed (on average 70% faster than manual processes) and shorter waiting times
- Predictable and reliable execution of processes
- More effective use of time for HR professionals
- Relief for employees by transferring monotonous tasks
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Examples of capabilities of bots:
- Revision of central management documents (e.g. emergency lists, participant directories)
- Creation of management reports
- Maintenance of master data (creation of customer/supplier data)
- Take on complex tasks such as summarizing and checking data
- Reduced waiting times and smooth workflow due to increased processing speed (approx. 70%)
- Performance remains unaffected by overall workload, day of the week or time of day
Law offices
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Examples of capabilities of bots:
- Data input and maintenance
- Document management
- Invoicing
- Data processing
- Constant account monitoring and reporting
- Error-minimized and efficient document management
- Increases partner and customer satisfaction through predictable workflows and immediate process handling
- Automated and data processing
- Monitoring of account movements and verification of transfers
- Relieves employee workload by transferring monotonous tasks
Procurement and sales
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Examples of capabilities of bots:
- Recording of order confirmations in a database
- Posting of goods inventories and movements
- Monitoring of contracts and preparation of reports
- Processing and posting of returns, repairs and callbacks
- Automated processes without error-proneness
- Immediate handling of processes and greatly reduced waiting times due to increased speed
- Efficient systematic booking of all processes
- Increases partner and customer satisfaction through predictable processes and immediate process handling
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Examples of capabilities of bots:
· Verification of license agreements (audit verification)
· Compliance with legal requirements (compliance)
· Automatic generation of reports (daily, monthly, quarterly)
· Processing of invoices · Processing of billing obligations
· Acceleration of processes (on average 70% faster than manual work) and minimization of waiting times
· Significant improvement in planning ability
· Relief of accounting staff through the automation of recurring tasks
· Uncomplicated processing of quarterly and annual financial statements
The process

Our services for RPA


We'll discuss your vision and strategy for automation and present you with the options that RPA and other technologies offer in your organization.


Together with you, we build the foundations for a long-term successful automation system in your company, including the software, the processes and structures that have been prioritized.


We train you and your employees and equip them with the skills to successfully integrate and expand the various automation technologies in the long term.


We design, develop and implement RPA solutions according to your business processes and requirements in a sustainable manner and guarantee success.

your benefits

RPA-a valuable co-worker

Robots are able to revolutionize everyday tasks. With their advanced ability to read, interpret and evaluate data via front-end or back-end user interfaces, robots can take action by sending emails, generating reports - and much more!

Increase in efficiency

Perform time-consuming and repetitive tasks faster and more accurately than humans, increasing the speed and accuracy of work.

Cost savings

Reduce personnel costs, replace missing skilled workers by adopting automated processes.

Increase in productivity

RPA enables companies to better deploy their resources by allowing them to focus on more important tasks instead of dealing with manual and repetitive tasks.

Improve data quality

Intelligent software is revolutionizing data collection and processing, providing an unmatched accuracy boost. This means that companies now have access to world-class quality information to help them make better decisions.

Increase compliance

RPA automates mundane and time-consuming processes, ensuring that business processes are both compliant and executed correctly - giving your business the peace of mind it needs to get things done!

Increase in flexibility

With RPA, companies can efficiently adapt their processes to different needs because the automation is easy to change or extend.

24/7 availability

RPA robots can work 24/7, meaning processes can run outside of normal business hours, enabling organizations to increase service levels.

Reduction of sources of error

RPA robots work according to pre-defined rules and procedures and are not prone to human error, which helps to reduce the number of errors in processes and thus increase process quality.

Increase in transparency

Robots take over the mundane task of creating reports and create a new level of transparency and overview in the processes. With RPA bots tirelessly logging their activities, employees no longer have to worry about tedious administrative tasks - freeing them up to focus on more important projects.

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