Core Team

Behind every successful company is a passionate, people-oriented IT.

Felix Meusel


Felix Meusel

Bachelor of Arts in Economics with Business Informatics and Artificial Intelligence.

Max Klein


Max Klein

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a specialization in IT Security and a minor in Psychology.

Advisory Board Member

Norman Müller

Vielseitiger Experte mit umfassender Erfahrung in den Bereichen Marketing, Podcast-Produktion, Unternehmertum und KI-Projekte.

Swetlana Klein

Visual Designer

Swetlana Klein

Specialization in Interface Design and User Experience.



It was started by two guys with the same mission.
Our story starts 2017 ... Strap in.

May 2017
Both founders, Max Klein and Felix Meusel, wanted to develop a program that would make life easier for people. They are from Nuremberg and studied economics and computer science at the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen where they got to know each other and wanted to start a joint project right from the start.
First App of arttac solutions


word crossing

ART_ for the creative
 TECH _for the technology

July 2019
After an internship at a big lawyer company Felix catches the first offer for the company in spring 2019 and they decided to found arttac solutions in memory of the first project.
Arttac Logo
August 2020
During their work in big companies they mentioned lots of problems in the office and homeoffice day to day work. So they decided to build a system that was able to help with those problems. They started to create an algorithm that was capable to organise the flood of emails and structure it. Along with the desire for a simple time tracking, the basis for Atthene was created. With the help of Tiktrac, the self-programmed time recording system, work orders can be recorded and distributed simply and easily.

This time recording system is still the core of the base system today. With its user-friendly interface and uncomplicated handling, it makes everyday life much easier for employees.

July 2021
Arttac has been an official Microsoft partner since July 2021. Microsoft is the software on which the complete system is concentrating for data collection.
Microsoft Partner
September 2021
ATTHENE gets support by the bavarian state ministry for economics, energy and technology. Yeww! 🎉
gefördert durch Bayern

“the research funding has created a good basis and security to get started with the company project. We are very grateful to got this chance!”

Felix, Co-founder of Atthene

May 2022
The young company was able to expand to Kraków. Because Ernest is Polish arttac solutions was able make good contacts with its neigh-boring country and find reliable programmers in Kraków.
Felix presents in krakow
June 2022
🚀Atthene NFt
With their NFT launch, the company is enabling license purchases via NFTs for the first time, thereby opening up new, secure ways of purchasing licenses.
Atthene NFTs
October 2022
🚀 Modul_1 launch: Prio Assistant

Still recording or already planning?
With the first version of the PrioAssist, the company combines its comprehensive time recording with effective planning options.
At the same time this is the first module for ATTHENE. The module in the early phase will of course receive regular updates and will remain available for everyone up to three users free of charge forever.

Users who get involved in the early phase will have the opportunity to bring their wishes and preferences into the development process.

Today arttac solutions is a team run by three guys with the same mission in life - to make our working lives the easiest as possible trough effectiveness. Because we are trying always to automate the boring stuff!