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We can improve the digital world of your company with data security and the latest technology.

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Use Cases

Atthene allows your business to integrate multiple data sources into our AI platform for accurate answers.

Customer service optimization

Atthene can be integrated with customer service to automate customer inquiries and provide quick and accurate answers to frequently asked questions.

Product recommendations

E-commerce platforms can use Atthene to generate personalized product recommendations for customers to increase sales.

Market research

Companies can use Atthene to analyze market data and customer reviews and gain valuable insights for product development and marketing.

Data analytics

Atthene can analyze large amounts of data, identify trends and support business decisions based on these insights.

Content creation

Atthene can help create content for websites, blogs and social media by providing ideas, writing copy and translating.

Internal communication

Companies can use Atthene to improve internal communications by answering employee queries and providing important company information

Connect your data

Easily manage your data sources via our online platform. Easily add, edit, or delete different types of data as needed.
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Workshops and training

Our workshops support companies in dealing with Large Language Models and GPT-like algorithms. The content of the workshops is tailored to the individual requirements of our customers.

Integration in Webshops
Find out how you can seamlessly integrate Atthene into your webshop. Expand the capabilities of your eCommerce store and offer personalized buying experiences.
costumer care
Use as an FAQ bot
Automate answers to frequently asked questions to increase customer satisfaction and reduce the burden on customer support.
user connection icon
Internal communication
Optimize internal communication and knowledge transfer in your company by creating a knowledge base and easy access to information.

The difference to language models like Chatgpt?

Here are the sources for the generated answer:
1. Accounting/September21
2. Market Research Reports/Q2-2023
3. Customer Database/2023
4. Product Information/Online Catalog
5. Product Information/Online Catalog

GDPR compliance

The platform is specifically designed to comply with European Union data protection regulations (GDPR). This ensures that companies using our solution can ensure that their data and sensitive information is fully protected in accordance with European data protection standards. In contrast, some other language models may not meet the same strict requirements.


Our solution allows individual adjustments and the integration of your own data sources into company systems. Workshops and training support companies in the effective use of Large Language Models (LLMs) to realize the full potential of the technology.

Verification through source citation

Our platform relies on transparent sources of information that are verified by clear source information.

Web Browsing

Search the Internet safely and in compliance with data protection regulations. Find information without compromising your privacy.

Unsere KI-Assistenten-Lösung: Effizienz und Produktivität auf Knopfdruck

Unser KI-Assistent ist mehr als nur eine App – es ist eine bahnbrechende Technologie, die dein Unternehmen nachhaltig verändern wird. Der Assistent lernt ständig dazu und passt sich den individuellen Bedürfnissen deiner Mitarbeiter an. Hier sind einige der herausragenden Funktionen, die unser KI-Assistent bietet:

File icon

Intelligentes Zeitmanagement

Automatische Erstellung von To-Do-Listen, Priorisierung von Aufgaben und effiziente Planung des Arbeitstages.

chat icon

Intuitive Kommunikation

Automatisches Sortieren und Beantworten von E-Mails, Terminvereinbarungen und Erinnerungen an wichtige Deadlines.

tools icon

Nahtlose Integration

Einfache Integration in bestehende Systeme und Tools, die dein Unternehmen bereits verwendet.

folder icon

Datensicherheit und Privatsphäre

Deine Daten sind bei uns sicher! Unser KI-Assistent verwendet modernste Sicherheitstechnologien, um deine Daten zu schützen und deine Privatsphäre zu wahren.

Der Unterschied zu Sprachmodellen, wie Chatgpt?

Unser KI-Assistent ist mehr als nur eine App – es ist eine bahnbrechende Technologie, die dein Unternehmen nachhaltig verändern wird. Der Assistent lernt ständig dazu und passt sich den individuellen Bedürfnissen deiner Mitarbeiter an. Hier sind einige der herausragenden Funktionen, die unser KI-Assistent bietet:

Intelligente Planung

ATTHENE analysiert automatisch Termine, Prioritäten und Arbeitszeiten, um für jedes Teammitglied den optimalen Zeitplan zu erstellen.

Flexible Anpassung

Unsere KI passt sich dynamisch an Veränderungen im Arbeitsalltag an und berücksichtigt individuelle Bedürfnisse und Präferenzen.

Effiziente Zusammenarbeit

Vereinfache die Kommunikation und Koordination innerhalb Deines Teams durch nahtlose Integration mit den gängigsten Kalender- und Kommunikations-Apps.

Sicher und datenschutzfreundlich

Deine Daten sind bei uns sicher - wir halten uns strikt an die Datenschutzbestimmungen und verwenden modernste Verschlüsselungstechnologien.
Dashboard mockup
is also available as a single application!

A privacy-compliant replacement for language models like ChatGPT that does not require its own data.

Du suchst eine KI-Lösung, die auf dem Niveau von ChatGPT arbeitet, aber gleichzeitig die strengen deutschen Datenschutzrichtlinien einhält?
Dann ist ATTHENE GPT genau das Richtige für dein Unternehmen! 
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Artificial Intelligence
Storage Networks
P2P Networks
Knowledge Data
Encrypted Private
Simple knowledge management for every company
Are you looking for an AI-solution that works at the level of ChatGPT but at the same time complies with the strict German data protection guidelines?
Then ATTHENE GPT is exactly the right thing for your company!
Learn more

Don’t wait any longer – start the future of work now!

Transform your business and increase the productivity of every employee through our unique AI assistant. Join the revolution and reap the benefits of a more efficient, productive and happier work environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Contact us for more information

How secure is my data with ATTHENE?

Your data is secure with Atthene. Our platform is specifically designed to comply with the data protection regulations of the European Union (GDPR), ensuring that your data and sensitive information are protected in accordance with European data privacy standards. Unlike some other language models, we meet these strict requirements and are committed to safeguarding your data. Additionally, we use closed LLM instances to minimize the risk of disclosing company secrets. Your data privacy and security are our top priorities.


How does it work?

Atthene utilizes advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) based on the GPT-3 model developed by OpenAI. These models have been trained on vast amounts of text data to understand and generate human-like text. When you interact with Atthene, it processes your queries, searches its knowledge base, and generates responses that aim to be informative and helpful.


Will I be able to embed Atthene into my website?

Yes, you can easily embed Atthene into your website with a simple integration process. This allows you to provide AI-powered assistance and information to your website visitors


Which Data Formats Can Atthene Handle?

Atthene is a versatile platform that supports various data formats. These include text data such as documents, articles, emails, and customer inquiries that can be processed and generated. Atthene also enables handling structured data from databases and tables, including queries, analysis, and presentation of such data. The platform can analyze customer data to gain insights into preferences and behavior, while extracting valuable market insights from market research and financial reports is also possible. Atthene can even generate and manage product information and assist in summarizing and extracting information from legal documents. Furthermore, it can access FAQs and knowledge databases, providing consistent responses to customer queries.


What is your class naming convention?

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The basis for data security

Start with ATTHENE now!

Do you have any questions or do you need further information? Our friendly and competent support team is available to you at any time. Contact us by email, telephone or via our contact form on our website.

Office setting

Niemand braucht noch eine Projektmanagement-Software.

Aber wir alle brauchen intelligente Unterstützung.

Atthene ist Modular aufgebaut und entwickelt sich stetig fort. Jedes Modul baut auf das Vorherige auf und erweitert den gesamten Funktionsumfang.

Modul 1


Die Grundlage. Planung, Zeiterfassung und Priorisierung bilden den Grundbaustein, um die grundlegenden Bausteine im Office Alltag zu ordnen.

Modul 2

E-Mail Assistent

Die täglichen Kommunikationskanäle mittels KI meistern. Priorisierung, automatisierte Zusammenfassung und automatisierte
Antworten Generierung.


In Kürze erhältlich

Geplante Features und Releases

Erhalte Einblick in die nächsten Module und beeinflusse die Entwicklung durch Votings und eigene Vorschläge. Folge uns und sei auf dem Laufenden zu neuen Releases

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A glimpse into the future - planned features
Financial Data
Keep track of your company finances
Give up monotonous tasks and have more time
Project status
Always up to date on the status of the project
Automated classification, consultation and rescheduling